Evening & Party Food


For those moments when the sun has gone down and everyone merry has started to get quite peckish, the party is in full swing and all that dancing has made people hungry...

We have some tasty options to choose from.




Evening Food Options



Wood Fired Pizza Oven



£10 per pizza - We advise Serving at least 1 pizza per 2 guests.


Cooked in a traditional Italian wood fired pizza oven fresh for each guest who can choose their flavour. Boxes can even be personalised for each occasion.



Buffalo mozzarella, dried tomato & basil ragu finished with fresh rocket




Buffalo mozzarella, dried tomato & basil ragu, home cured salami finished with fresh rocket




Buffalo mozzarella, dried tomato and basil ragu, porchini & chestnut mushrooms finished with fresh rocket and Gorgonzola




Fish and Chip Bar


Tray of fish and chips - Grosvenor fish bar delivery


 £8 per head














* Please note that changes to the menu may incur an additional charge





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